Content marketing intern from Umbala

Umbala ( is hiring 2 content marketing intern.

We believe people believe in magic. The magic makes everybody surprise and love. That the way you create magical everyday at . The Umbala Operation team are looking for an innovative candidate and extremely passionate with environment to make millions of users love their miracle moments.


Key Qualifications:
– 1+ years experience in English, Communications, , or a related field.
– An exceptional ability to convey messages both in writing and in person.
– Super creativity and ability to create outstanding or stunning to make a great call-to-action.
– Exceptional attention to detail.
– Extremely active on at least two of the following social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vine.

A successful qualified candidate will work with Umbala Operation team to execute, optimize content marketing campaigns that drive traffic, downloads, and brand.
Organizing market research, writing press releases, assisting the manager in writing reports and analyzing data, writing online content, communicating with users.

Apply Now: Please send your CV (include your photograph) with email subject: Position – Name (Ex: Content Marketing Intern – Fullname):

Application Deadline: June 28, 2015

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